I am an SRE at Google. Previously, a Software Engineer at Aviasales. I love doing open source and creating human friendly tools.


zx A tool for writing better scripts.

fx Terminal JSON viewer.

numbr The smart calculator combined with a notepad.

deployer A deployment tool written in PHP with support for popular frameworks out of the box.

expr Expression evaluation engine for Go: fast, non-Turing complete, dynamic typing, static typing.

codejar An embeddable code editor for the browser. 🍯

finder CSS Selector Generator.

countdown Terminal countdown timer.

red Terminal log analysis tools.

spark GitHub Stars Sparklines. ⚡️

watch A watch tool rewritten in go.

llama A small utility to list files in the current directory with git status info.

Contact me

You can find me on GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Email me at anton+medv@medv.io.