My name is Anton Medvedev. I am a software engineer at Aviasales. I love doing open source and creating human friendly tools. You can find me on twitter, github, linkedin, or reach me via email.


deployer (★7k) PHP
A deployment tool written in PHP with support for popular frameworks out of the box
fx (★9k) JavaScript
Command-line tool and terminal JSON viewer 🔥
expr (★1k)Go
At Aviasales we needed some simple language to express business rules, so I created one. With type checking, compilation to bytecode, and own virtual machine.
red (★1k) Go
Terminal log analysis tools
finder TypeScript
CSS Selector Generator 🗺
countdown Go
Terminal countdown timer
ultra-tiny-compiler CoffeeScript
Ultra Tiny Compiler
spark JavaScript
GitHub Stars Sparklines ⚡️
fast-json JavaScript
Fast extraction of part of JSON
watch Go
watch tool rewritten in go
ll Go
A small utility to list files in the current directory with git status info.



This is real photo of me. Taken at Aviasales Phuket Office in Thailand. Processed by Prisma app. In background you may see palm trees 🌴, office building, and little bit of sea 🌊.