My name is antonmedvAnton Medvedev. I am an SRE at Google. Previously, a Software Engineer at Aviasales. I love doing open source and creating human friendly tools. You can find me on github, linkedin, twitter, or reach me via email.


deployer 8k PHP
A deployment tool written in PHP with support for popular frameworks out of the box
fx 9k JavaScript
Command-line tool and terminal JSON viewer
expr 1k Go
Expression evaluation engine for Go: fast, non-Turing complete, dynamic typing, static typing
red 1k Go
Terminal log analysis tools
finder TypeScript
CSS Selector Generator πŸ—Ί
countdown Go
Terminal countdown timer
ultra-tiny-compiler CoffeeScript
An article/source for little parser in β˜•οΈ
codejar TypeScript
An embeddable code editor for the browser 🍯
spark JavaScript
GitHub Stars Sparklines ⚑️
zx 12k JavaScript
A tool for writing better scripts
watch Go
watch tool rewritten in go
ll Go
A small utility to list files in the current directory with git status info

α••( ᐛ )α•—   More projects on GitHub


Some games I made:

  • Bit Planes – My first canvas game. Built with TypeScript, everything from scratch, engine, physics.
  • Checkers – Russian checkers with neuro-evolution AI. Built with TypeScript, minimax with alpha-beta pruning, simple net, evolution algorithm, endgame database up to 4 pieces.


Some websites I made: